March 3rd & 4th, 2023 Arizona

8:00 am - 7:00 PM Friday & Saturday

Growing & Scaling Your Business Begins & Ends With Your Brand

Let’s Build The Story Behind Your Brand

1. Walk away with a personalized customized game plan to implement real tactics and strategies to grow your Brand & Scale

2. How to Brand and build communities, events, retreats or workshops to really create a Movement

3. Build relationships and connections in a private exclusive workshop to really network and meet other Business Leaders & an Unforgettable Experience

Our Next Gen Agency is dedicated to providing the world's best business experiences!

Your Brand Is Your Business's Identity

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The problem that most businesses face is that they don’t know how to effectively sell their products or services because they struggle with their marketing. If people struggle with marketing it’s really their brand that is weak. The brand is the identity of your business and it’s how your potential clients and customers feel about doing business with you.

Most businesses don’t know how to effectively brand themselves in their marketplace and it costs them thousands of dollars of lost revenue or even their business because it never gains the traction necessary to make money.

Branding isn’t easy! No one teaches us how to effectively build an influential brand. Which means you’ll never get to enjoy your business and generate the income you want to live your dreams.

What's the solution?

Build the foundation of your business aka Your Brand

In 2 days at The Next Gen Business workshop you will walk away with:


The secrets to building a real brand that is unique and stands out in the world.

How to effectively brand or Rebrand your business to attract more and higher paying clients without getting price shopped.

A personalized social media & online strategy to rapidly scale your brand and business that allows you to experience more influence, time, money, and enjoyment in your life. 


When your brand is connected to your sales and marketing. When the branding wheel is not functioning properly then the marketing and sales is not functioning properly.


Featured Speakers


Branding Mentor, Coach's Coach & Leadership Speaker

Travis J. Brady is the creator of Next Gen Coaching and his purpose is to help businesses bring out their creative, innovative, and influential genius through their brand to create more influence & income.


of Marketing

Minky Brady is the Queen of Marketing. Her purpose is to help people unveil their Influence, to become influential in their lives and businesses. Rising up as Next Gen leaders in their lives and businesses to create massive influence & income.


Digital Strategist, Website Designer & Entrepreneur Writer

Frank Wazeter is the founder of Wazeter, Inc and Entrepreneur Leadership writer for He helps business owners become the leaders in their market through digital strategy and story-oriented website development. 



Sam Knickerbocker believes that you are worth being remembered. He specializes in 21st-century Legacy Strategies focused on helping you establish a legacy of meaning.


Travis & Minky Brady are the owners of Next Gen Coaching and the creators of "The Next Generation Coach." Together, their purpose is to spread "The Next Generation of Transformation Principles" to influencers and leaders, so they can create more influence and transform others through their brand and business.

Travis & Minky have been featured on podcasts, radio stations, and every major TV station. They are the hosts of their own national & digital events, and have spoken on various stages all around the World. They have presented and coached many CEOs of top-rated companies, small businesses, organizations, sports teams, colleges, and high schools sharing Next Gen principles. 

Travis, in his 17+ years of coaching, training, and speaking, has worked with thousands of people helping them create transformation in their businesses & lives. Travis is the host of the "Next Gen Coaching Chronicles" podcast, where he invites other leading coaches to share their gifts of transformation.

Minky has mastered the art of Influencer Marketing, building a large engaged following on various social media platforms. Working with influencers and business owners to master their online presence through their marketing. To be seen and be heard, as experts within their industries. 

Travis & Minky have been involved in playing sports growing up, and value being a part of your team. Together they started the "To: The Next Generation Foundation" which provides adolescents the financial aid to play sports that wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity. 

Travis & Minky are bold, knowledgeable, passionate, creative, and loving. Because of this, they are well sought after mentors for businesses, influencers, and coaches alike, and because of their long journey in the coaching industry. They value leaving a legacy for years to come by helping others create their Next Gen Brand so they too can get their message out to the World.

Your Brand Is Your Business's Identity

Why Attend and Pricing information

March 3rd & 4th, 2023 Arizona

8:00 am - 7:00 PM Friday & Saturday


1. The secrets to building a real brand that is unique and stands out in the world.

2. How to effectively brand or rebrand your business to attract higher-paying clients without getting price shopped.

3. A personalized social media & online strategy to rapidly scale your brand and business, allowing you to create more influence, time, money and enjoyment in your life.

If you went to any other marketing event of this caliber you would easily be paying $1,500.00 if not more for the level of content, secrets, and value that is offered.

For the entire Next Gen Marketing workshop it’s $1000.00

The early bird registration is $1000