Next Gen Leaders

Next Gen Speakers represent the very best in leadership of their respective fields. What makes a Next Gen Speaker different is the ability to not only be an expert in their craft, but also be an innovative thinker and action taker who takes pride in providing engaging storytelling and the ability to mentor entrepreneurs in how to make their businesses become "Next Gen."


They are innovators, thought leaders, influencers and mentors. They are Next Gen. Think you have what it takes to be a Next Gen Speaker? Click the links below to apply.

Next Gen


Branding Mentor, Coach's Coach & Leadership Speaker

Travis J. Brady is the creator of Next Gen Coaching and his purpose is to help businesses bring out their creative, innovative, and influential genius through their brand to create more influence & income.


of Marketing

Minky Brady is the Queen of Marketing. Her purpose is to help people unveil their Influence, to become influential in their lives and businesses. Rising up as Next Gen leaders in their lives and businesses to create massive influence & income.


Digital Strategist, Website Designer & Entrepreneur Writer

Frank Wazeter is the founder of Wazeter, Inc and Entrepreneur Leadership writer for He helps business owners become the leaders in their market through digital strategy and story-oriented website development. 



Sam Knickerbocker believes that you are worth being remembered. He specializes in 21st-century Legacy Strategies focused on helping you establish a legacy of meaning.

Next Gen Team

Melissa Green 450x450


Success Elevation Coach

Melissa Green is a Success Elevation Coach. She helps leaders like you to discover your inner king/queen by helping you own your true authentic power and create lasting change.

Helping you Elevate your life through a journey of discovery and self love to increase your identity thermostat and live the life you truly deserve.


Tammy Joy 450x540


Founder of Yes To Kindness

In the high expectation and low appreciation world that we live in, Tammy has found a way to make yourself indispensable. She is an Iraq War Veteran, a Suicide Attempt Survivor, TEDx speaker and current Founder of She is also the speaker manager for the Next Gen Team. Her mission is to make the world safe to be human by reminding people that kindness does belong in business and is quite simple to implement. Join her in sharing her message that what you do matters. That YOU matter. In a world where you can find anything-Find the Good. In a world where you can be anything-Be the Good.